Rowan Tree – 2-3m
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Rowan – Mountain ash tree (Sorbus aucuparia) 2m-3m tall – Delivery from £10

Rowan - Mountain ash tree

Rowan – Mountain ash tree (Sorbus aucuparia) 2m-3m tall – Delivery from £10


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Rowan or Mountain Ash tree (Sorbus aucuparia) grown by Cotswold Trees

Pot Grown to 2m-2.5m or 2.5-3m tall.  Supplied in a 10-30 litre pot.  

Our native Rowan tree, also known as Mountain Ash, are gorgeously colourful garden trees and one of our most popular and it’s easy to see why.  

Starting with creamy white blossoms in the spring, followed by bright red berries in late summer and finally gold and red foliage into the autumn they provide season long colour. The Rowan is not a fussy tree and will grow in almost any soil conditions and in sunny and partially shaded locations and will reach around 10m tall at maturity.  Excellent wildlife value providing fruit for thrushes and blackbirds.


  • Supplied in a 10-30 litre container pot depending on plant size
  • 2m-2.5m or 2.5-3m tall
  • 2.5-3m tall trees have a girth of approximately 6/8cm
  • Includes planting instructions


We offer a reasonably priced delivery service across the Midlands, the Cotswolds and central southern England. We bring your chosen trees directly to you at home, often within 2 weeks of ordering, charging between £10 – £70 per order, dependent on your location.  Some areas are outside of our delivery zones – we can quote individually for delivery further afield.

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Weight 20 kg

2-2.5m tall, 2.5-3m tall