Maple (Acer)

Field Maple

Field Maple (Acer campestre) are a colourful and compact garden trees with an expected mature height of around 10m. 

The only British native maple.  Grows well in lime rich soil.  The small leaves provide a dappled light.  Often planted in urban areas because of its tolerance to air pollution and its beautiful autumn colour.

They are not fussy about planting location or soil type, but they will thrive best in a sunny spot. 

Red Maple (Acer rubrum) are majestic specimen trees reaching 20m+

Red maple are also characterised by their beautiful display of red and orange flowers during early spring, which appear on the bare branches before the leaves unfurl.  The winged seeds of the Red Maple also add to its charm with their pink membranes. This tree typically grows in an upright manner, forming a canopy that spreads about half as wide as its height, often reaching up to 20 meters in diameter.  Makes an excellent specimen tree. In the autumn, these trees showcase a striking and vibrant mix of mottled red and orange leaves.

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