Trees make a fantastic gift that will go on giving for decades to come. 

A tree planted in the right location will go on to deliver a home for birds and insects for evermore. A tree will offer shade and a cooling effect in a garden and bring the environmental benefits of effectively offsetting one tonne of CO2 over a 100 year lifetime.

Growing your own tree can be such a satisfying pastime. By planting trees you can be confident you are improving your surroundings, creating a home for wildlife and helping reduce the impact of your lifestyle on the environment.  

Trees can be used to mark an occasion such as a the birth of a new baby. As the infant grows, so can ‘their’ tree, starting their connection with nature from an early age.

Memorial trees can be supplied along with stakes, ties and protection guards all in one handy kit to allow you to commemorate a loved one with a long lasting memorial.