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Japanese Rowan tree (Sorbus commixta) tree in a pot

Japanese Rowan tree (Sorbus commixta) tree in a pot


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Japanese Rowan tree (Sorbus commixta)

Introducing Sorbus commixta: A standout small tree renowned for its exceptional autumn colours, boasting fiery red pinnate leaves that create a captivating seasonal display.

During winter, the tree showcases long, pointed, and sticky buds, which unfurl to reveal glabrous coppery leaves that transition to a glossy dark green above.

Notably,  Sorbus commixta tends to colour later than its counterpart and retains its magnificent fiery red autumn foliage for an extended period.  Adorned with large, heavy bunches of glistening orange-red fruits that persist until late October, this tree elevates the overall seasonal spectacle.

It thrives in most well-drained soils, though it may have a shorter lifespan on chalk.  Expected mature height around 6m tall with a spread of up to 4m.


  • Supplied in a 10-35 litre container pot dependent on plant size
  • Grown medium may contain peat based compost
  • Includes planting instructions
  • 2.0-2.5m tall trees have a girth of 4-6cm
  • 2.5-3.0m tall trees have a girth of 6-8cm


We offer a reasonably priced delivery service across the Midlands, the Cotswolds and central southern England. We bring your chosen trees directly to you at home, often within 2 weeks of ordering, charging between £10 – £70 per order, dependent on your location.  Some areas are outside of our delivery zones – we can quote individually for delivery further afield.

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2-2.5m tall, 2.5-3m tall, 3-3.5m tall, 1.8m-2m tall + local delivery charge