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Himalayan Birch tree (Betula utilis jacquemontii ‘Snow Queen’) 1.8m-3.5m tall – Delivery from £10

Himalayan Birch tree (Betula utilis jacquemontii ‘Snow Queen’) 1.8m-3.5m tall – Delivery from £10


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Himalayan Birch tree (Betula utilis jacquemontii) 1.8m-3.5m tall

The magnificent Himalayan Birch Tree, a captivating addition to any British garden. Renowned for its elegant, silvery-white bark that gracefully peels away in thin layers, this tree brings a touch of sophistication to outdoor settings.

Standing tall and slender, the Himalayan Birch features delicate, triangular leaves that sway gently in the breeze, creating a serene rustling sound. Its modest size makes it ideal for both compact gardens and as a focal point in larger landscapes.

Beyond its visual appeal, the Himalayan Birch offers subtle shade during the summer months while allowing soft sunlight to filter through its canopy. In autumn, its foliage transforms into a vibrant display of yellow, adding a delightful splash of colour to the garden.

Low-maintenance and adaptable to various soil types, this tree thrives in the British climate, making it a superb choice for gardeners seeking both beauty and resilience. Plant the Himalayan Birch to elevate the tranquillity of your outdoor space.

Can grow by 1m in height per year, if planted in line with the supplied instructions.

Can reach 12-15m tall at maturity 


  • 1.8-2m tall trees supplied in 10 litre pot
  • 3m-3.5m tall trees supplied in a 30 litre pot with a girth of approximately 4/6cm
  •  Includes planting instructions


We offer a reasonably priced delivery service across the Midlands, the Cotswolds and central southern England. We bring your chosen trees directly to you at home, often within 2 weeks of ordering, charging between £10 – £70 per order, dependent on your location.  Some areas are outside of our delivery zones – we can quote individually for delivery further afield.

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Weight 20 kg

3-3.5m tall, 1.8m-2m tall + local delivery charge