Silver Birch (Betula pendula)

The Silver Birch is one of our favourite garden trees, instantly recognisable with its silvery bark and tall slender form.  

We love the dappled shade that you get from a silver birch tree once it begins to mature. 

Silver birch trees are fast growing and will establish well in any soil in a sunny or partially shaded location. Well suited to gardens, parks and public areas. 

Small triangular leaves provide excellent dappled light and the elegant silver / white bark is attractive.  Birch has a high conservation value and provides food and shelter for a wide range of birds.  Mature trees can be tapped for birch sap in spring.

Can reach 18-25m tall at maturity

Cotswold Trees grow Silver Birch trees from seed collected in our Oxfordshire woodland. We stock Silver Birch trees in a range of sizes from 30cm tall up to around 3m tall.

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