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Wild Service tree (Sorbus torminalis) in a 2ltr pot

Wild Service tree (Sorbus torminalis) in a 2ltr pot


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The Wild service tree, also known as Sorbus torminalis, is a stunning deciduous tree species that is prized for its ornamental value and rich cultural history.

With its striking, deeply lobed leaves and distinctive bark, this tree adds a touch of beauty and sophistication to any landscape.

The Wild service tree is now fairly rare, but native to Europe and has been cultivated for centuries for its edible fruit and wood. The fruit, which resembles small apples, has a tart, astringent flavour and is often used in the production of jams and liqueurs. The wood of the tree is strong and durable, and is used in a variety of applications, including furniture making and carving.

In addition to its practical uses, the Wild service tree is also highly regarded for its aesthetic value. Its attractive foliage turns a stunning array of colours in autumn, ranging from golden yellow to deep red, making it a popular choice for landscaping projects. The tree also produces clusters of white flowers in the spring, adding a lovely touch of beauty to the landscape.

With its stunning foliage, rich cultural history, and practical benefits, this tree is sure to impress.


  • Supplied in a container pot
  • 30-60cm or 60-90cm tall tree in a 2 litre pot
  • Grown in peat free compost
  • Package includes planting instructions
  • Fast courier delivery

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30-60cm, 60-90cm

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Tim Fisher

Excellent quick service. The trees were beautifully packed and are great specimens. Nothing whatsoever to fault and plenty to praise