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Nothofagus x alpina 2m-2.5m tall in a pot

Nothofagus x alpina 2m-2.5m tall in a pot


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Native to the regions of Chile and Argentina, Nothofagus x alpina is a sizable and rapidly growing deciduous tree characterised by its conical, somewhat open growth habit and impressive autumn foliage.

The beech-like leaves of this tree are oval, pointed, and prominently veined, displaying a deep green hue during the growing season and transforming into brilliant shades of orange and red in the autumn. Although its flowers are discreet, the female flowers give rise to petite winged fruits that encase small, yellowish nuts.

Also recognised as the Mountain beech, the Nothofagus x alpina thrives in areas with mild winter conditions and ample rainfall. This tree is an excellent choice as a standout specimen in a park or a generously-sized garden, with a mature height of 25m+.


  • Supplied in a 30 litre container pot
  • Grown in peat free compost
  • Includes planting instructions
  • 2.0-2.5m tall trees have a girth of 4-6cm
  • 2.5-3.0m tall trees have a girth of 6-8cm


We offer a reasonably priced delivery service across the Midlands, the Cotswolds and central southern England. We bring your chosen trees directly to you at home, often within 2 weeks of ordering, charging between £10 – £70 per order, dependent on your location.  Some areas are outside of our delivery zones – we can quote individually for delivery further afield.

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2-2.5m tall