Our approach

Cotswold Trees offer our customers a range of garden trees you might commonly find throughout the UK. All our trees are fantastic for native wildlife, but also fit in well in the British landscape.

We specialise in a good variety of popular British deciduous trees and small range of non-native trees. We aim to reliably stock each tree in a range of sizes to suit the instant gardener.

Cotswold Trees don’t operate a garden centre or public nursery so our running costs are a little lower than some other suppliers. Because of this we aim to supply trees that are very competitive with traditional nursery prices, with the added convenience of personal or courier delivery.

Potted vs bareroot

We only sell potted trees as we have found these have the best chance of survival in most situations, allowing you to plant trees throughout the year.  The cooler, wetter months are always the best time to plant a tree and allow it to establish a new root system whilst it remains fairly dormant.  Potted trees can also be planted successfully throughout the spring and summer if they are well looked after. We recommend mulching and regular watering during the drier periods in the first year or so of growth.

You may find other suppliers offer bareroot, plug or cell grown plants which are often cheaper options. These can take a little longer to establish, especially with larger trees and are prone to drying out in transit. The price difference can be quite small when you compare larger trees.

Range & availability

Our website range and pricing caters for most customers requirements, however, if you are looking to order in bulk i.e. 6+ trees, please get in touch as we may be able to offer more competitive pricing for larger orders.

Some items are unavailable at times once all available stock in the size range has been exhausted. We try to grow enough trees to meet demand, but with the popularity of some trees we do occasionally sell out. We often indicate when we expect to offer items that are out of stock again, based on usual growing patterns.

Traceability & healthy plants

Every tree we supply is traceable, grown from our own seed or from that of our suppliers. We guarantee every tree has originated in the UK.

Cotswold Trees are an authorised issuer of UK Plant Passports, registered with DEFRA. This requires us to ensure that every tree we supply is checked for plant health and is traceable.

Careful delivery

Buy a small tree online and your courier delivered trees are tracked and 100% guaranteed. If your tree is lost or damaged in transit we will send another.

To ensure the larger specimen trees reach you in the best possible condition, we hand deliver these ourselves, within the Cotswolds, Midlands and central southern England. Our small trees (up to 90cm tall) are packaged carefully in special double layer cardboard boxes and delivered reliably and safely via Parcelforce or UPS.

Customer focused

We’re a small company, with a focus on customer satisfaction and treat every customer order with care and attention it deserves. Our customers often share their positive experience with us.

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