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Bird Cherry tree (Prunus padus) in a pot

Bird Cherry tree (Prunus padus) in a pot


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The Bird cherry tree, Prunus padus, is a beautiful and versatile tree species that adds a touch of natural beauty to any landscape.

With its attractive clusters of white flowers and edible black cherries, this tree is highly valued for its ornamental and practical uses.

The Bird cherry tree is native to Europe and Asia, and is commonly found in a variety of habitats, including woodlands, meadows, and hedgerows. It is a medium-sized tree that typically grows to a height of 7-15 meters, making it a great choice for small to medium-sized gardens.

The tree produces clusters of fragrant white flowers in the spring, which attract a wide range of pollinators, including bees and butterflies. These flowers are followed by small black cherries that are edible and can be used in the production of jams and jellies.

In addition to its ornamental and edible uses, the Bird cherry tree also offers a number of practical benefits. Its dense foliage provides excellent shade and shelter for wildlife, while its wood is highly valued for its durability and strength. The tree is also highly adaptable, able to tolerate a variety of soil types and growing conditions.


  • Supplied in a container pot
  • 30-60cm, 60-90cm or 90-100cm tall tree in a 2 litre pot
  • 1.8m+ trees in a 10 litre pot
  • Grown in peat free compost
  • Package includes planting instructions
  • Fast courier delivery for trees up to 1m tall, local delivery for larger trees

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30-60cm, 60-90cm, 1.8m-2m tall + local delivery charge, 2.0-2.5m tall + local delivery charge, 90-100cm